Are you man enough…?

Meat 1Have you ever been inspired by Adam Richman’s show Man v Food? Does it leave you salivating in front of the TV, thinking…

‘Wow, that must be so bad for you, but I want it now!’

It seems the trend of challenging oneself to eat a family sized portion of heart attack inducing food is hitting a few restaurants in the UK.

It seems to be a perfect fit for the British ‘lad’ culture. ‘Oi lads, let’s get darrn’ the Red Barn and take on the Devestator!’…

Here is a pic of the Devestator @ The Red Dog Saloon in Hoxton, London

Devestator - Red Dog Saloon

I hate to think what it must feel like when that last mouthful slides down, closely followed by hideous meat sweats, 80/20 breathing, eventually culminating in a colon busting turn out…

What’s everyone doing Fri night? ;)

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