Do any of you remember when Sky TV first came out? WTF? More than 4 channels?… Am I in heaven or what? It didn’t take me long to start exploring what Rupert Murdoch had delivered to our screens. All sorts of weird and wonderful stuff was on there, I especially remember‘Dish of the Day’, on the Adult Channel, which basically meant you got to see a woman with her baps out for a good 5 minutes (at midnight, every night!).

I remember it well, my Mum falling asleep in front of the TV, which meant a stealthy move of removing the remote from her hand, turning down the sound and getting my 5 mins worth of free tits, before heading to bed quick sharpish…. (Cheers Rupert, quality content)

After a few weeks of browsing endless channels, I found myself getting into WWF (American Wrestling). My brothers and I were soon copying moves from the likes of ‘Mr Perfect’, ‘The Bushwackers’, ‘Legion of Doom’, ‘Hacksaw Jim Duggan’ and the ‘The Million Dollar Man’ to name a few.


It got to the stage, where my siblings and I would run to the parents bedroom (as soon as they left the house) to try out power slams, suplexes, tomb stones and sleeper hold moves – I’m surprised none of us broke a neck….

One wrestler I liked more than the rest was no other than the Ultimate Warrior. Now this guy was the bollocks, he had everything: the body, the speed, the power, the face-paint and a mystery surrounding his life’s beginning (from parts unknown)… what a story!

Mean GeneLooking back now I realise he was just a steroid fueled nutcase that used to probably snort a few lines of coke before bursting out of the tunnel, running full pelt around the ring, pumping his hands to the ‘Warrior Gods’, before going in to the ring to wrestle. I remember being gutted when Sergeant Slaughter beat him by cheating! Now, come to think of it Sergeant Slaughter was build up as a baddy, the American show directors probably thought…

‘Yeah, we’ll give this guy a Saddam Hussain / Iraqi military style angle, the fans will hate him!’ Once again, genius!

The pre-fight interviews with Eugene “Mean Gene” Okerlund were nothing short of legendary. Watch this priceless video, it actually makes no sense what so ever – I wonder what cocktail of drugs he was on at this point?…

A few years ago the Ultimate Warrior tried to make a come back by creating a pilot show whereby he put cocky and angst ridden teenagers through their paces, it was god awful and it never made it as a TV series.

It looks like your career has now gone in to a NOSE DIVE this time Ultimate Warrior…

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